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STAR-CCM+ TRK files data now readable in EnSight

We are pleased to announce the availability of a translator that converts STAR-CCM+ TRK files into data that can be imported into and visualized with EnSight.

The STAR-CCM+ based Particle Track files (either Lagrangian or DEM) can now be converted into EnSight Measured Data, and read in along with the Case File exported by STAR-CCM+. There are references online, including a new screencast tutorial.  The tutorial also includes sample data you can use to follow along the tutorial.


STAR-CCM+ particles in EnSight, as you can see in the movie below.

[mediacore height=”315px” public_url=”” thumb_url=”” title=”DEM Particles from STAR-CCM+ in EnSight” width=”560px”]  

And in this movie showing Star-CCM .trk particles and erosion

[mediacore height=”315px” public_url=”” thumb_url=”” title=”Erosion Visualization” width=”560px”]




More Information.

Tutorial on how to use this.

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A video tutorial on using .trk files from Star-CCM+ in EnSight.


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