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News.  June 2011 – EnLiten Mac (native cocoa version) is now available on the Mac App Store (free download).

enliten_4Enliten is a 3D geometry viewer used to display, manipulate and analyze complex visualization scenarios generated by EnSight.  EnLiten enables collaboration and communication of high-end visualizations for CFD, FEA, crash analysis, aerodynamics, scientific visualizations and other applications. This product is easy to use and runs on Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh computers.

Flexible Scenarios 
EnLiten imports scenario files containing 3D models with associated rich geometry.  These files can be configured to show only what the creator wants seen by others.

“Using a 3-D viewer provides a quick way of viewing motion and rotation at any angle without having to start the post processing all over again,” pyrotechnic engineer Christopher W. Brown at NASA’s Johnson Space Center says about CEI’s EnLiten. “It allows you to view the animation, not just like a video, but something that you can rotate and move around.”   

Visualization for the Entire Enterprise

Advanced features in EnLiten enable users to do the following:

  • Control part attributes such as color, symmetry, and transparency
  • Make self-extracting bundles that embed scenario and other presentation files into a single executable.  These bundles can be played directly on other systems without any software installation
  • Control for looping, cycling, changing playback speeds, and playing animation in forward or reverse
  • Link models and animation to presentation tools like PowerPoint
  • Use on a full range of computing and display systems, including 3D stereo
  • Output to AVI, EVO, JPEG, MPEG, PCL, PICT, PostScript, RGB, Targa, or TIFF

Share in VR 
EnLiten Gold, available for a fee, incorporates advanced VR features from EnSight Gold and EnSight DR, CEI’s award-winning visualization software.  EnLiten Gold is for single computer VR.  Reveal Pro is for VR on distributed rendering systems.

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