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EnSight 10.1.5a Release Notes

EnSight 10.1.5a is now available for download EnSight 10.1.5a has been released.  You may download it now. New or Major Capabilities Added EnSight 10.1.5a is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities. But there are a few new features listed below. Threaded Pathlines Pathlines will now take advantage of your computer’s multiple processors to […]

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New stereo viewing option

A new choice is available for displaying EnSight visualizations in 3D.  We have a couple of these systems at CEI and have used them at customer trainings, trade shows and conferences, and in providing customer support.  They work well for both normal desktop applications like email and browsing, EnSight in non-stereo mode and EnSight in stereo […]

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EnSight 10.0.1b Release Notes

New or Major Capabilities Added New NASTRAN OP2 (beta) Reader.  The NASTRAN OP2 reader reads some OP2 files that the existing reader was not able to read. Both the existing and this new alternative NASTRAN readers remain available.  We would appreciate feedback when customers have tried them both on the same dataset. New GMV Reader. […]

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