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CAD Readers Price List

CAD Readers have been discontinued.  EnSight can still read .obj and .stl files directly.

Use these CAD readers to import CAD data into EnSight.  This is a feature only available for Windows.

North American Price List

CAD Software/Format
Annual per Seat License
Catia V5$1,500
Catia V4$1,500
Pro/ENGINEER® (Pro/E)/Wildfire$1,500


License Cost: The cost is per year, per seat. All CAD Reader licenses are floating which means they can be installed, shared, and run on any Windows computer that can check out a token from the CEI license manager.
Platform support:  At this time, EnSight CAD Reader supports Windows platforms. Contact CEI if you would like to express interest to license CAD Readers for other platforms.
The CAD Readers are accessed by EnSight’s server application.  So Mac or Linux computer users could read CAD files with EnSight by starting EnSight on their Mac or Unix computer and connecting to an EnSight server on a Windows computer.

EnSight Licenses: The price for the CAD interface is independent and separate from the EnSight license. Users must separately license EnSight itself for the CAD interface into EnSight to operate.

Licensing system:  No additional software licensing system is required.  The CAD reader licenses are managed by CEI’s slim license manager.  CEI will issue new license keys upon receipt of an order for the CAD reader licenses.

Academic licenses: There are no academic discounts available for the CAD interface, as CEI licenses this technology from a third party.

Multiple License Discount: There are no multiple license discounts, as CEI licenses this technology from a third party, for which there is no discount available. This includes multiple copies of a single translator, as well as multiple translators.



EnSight CAD importers allow you to access native CAD files without the use of the original CAD system. Importers open and read files from the major CAD systems, allowing EnSight to display the major CAD files, and export these files into EnSight’s EnLiten .els and Reveal .csf file formats. To see a list of EnSight data interfaces including CAD, click here.  Most data interfaces are included in EnSight licenses, however CAD interfaces use licensed technology and therefore require separate licensing.

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