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CEI’s main product is EnSight.  EnSight reads data from many different engineering simulation programs and breathes life into it.

Files full of dull numbers are converted by EnSight into airplanes, engines, cars, buses, trucks, ships, factories, and more that you can rotate, pan, and zoom through.  EnSight makes that data interactive, plottable, searchable, and exportable. EnSight has a rich variable calculator  you can use to extract features of the physics that even the original simulation program did not find.  The simulation programs create alternative universes of your design, EnSight helps tell you which of those universes is worth exploring further. And finally, EnSight helps you share your data, either as plots, images, movies, 3D scenes, or even reformatted versions of your data destined to archives or other simulation packages.

We say that EnSight helps you …

Analyze, Visualize, and Communicate your simulation data.



For an detailed comparison of features of the EnSight family.

EnSight FreeEnSight DesktopEnSight StandardEnSight HPC
(was EnSight Gold)
EnSight VR
(was EnSight DR)
For learning EnSight 10 and using it on smaller models.

Free version loads models up to 2 million 3D cells, other cell/element count limits apply.
For learning EnSight 10 and using it with no model size limitation.

This version loads models of unlimited size.
The most commonly licensed version of EnSight. Connects to remote servers or local data.

Suitable for multiphysics and case comparison. This version includes batch and scripting options.
For those who need parallel post-processing features for very large models using clusters.For owners of Virtual Reality displays like CAVES and Walls


The following products are available at extra cost to the above EnSight versions.

CAD Readers – Read CAD formats into EnSight

FSI Plugin – Import results from one solver and map them to another mesh to use as input (example FSI, thermal)


The applications below add value to EnSight either as free viewers, movie editors, or providing Virtual Reality (VR) support for videos or 3D scenes.

EnLiten – 3D Results viewer comparable to VRML, JT, 3D PDF, and Reveal
Reveal – 3D Results viewer comparable to VRML, JT, 3D PDF, and EnLiten
EnVideo – Movie and image viewer supporting stereo (3D) viewing
EnVE – Movie and image converter and basic editor


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