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Helicopter Rotor Force Distribution

EnSight post processing of rotor simulation. The image shown is combining the force distribution on the blades, along with the vorticity generated from the tip vortex of the blade. The lower surface is an elevated surface of mach. EnSight’s unique co-processing capability was used to generate this animation. In this mode, EnSight runs along with […]

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Comparing Vetter-Sturtevant Shocktube Experiments

The Vetter-Sturtevant shocktube experiments: – Two gases, air and SF6, initially separated by a membrane inside a tube, are mixed by the passage of a strong shock through the interface between them. – Used as a test of our continuous adaptive mesh refinement code RAGE. How can you compare different 3D simulations of these experiments? […]

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NAFEMS is surveying North American CAE Users

NAFEMS is an open society for the CAE industry and they are surveying the North American market. Please help by completing their survey. CEI is proud to be a corporate sponsor of NAFEMS and participate and sponsor several NAFEMs meetings each year.

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