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Export FloEFD Data to EnSight


In September 2011 Mentor Graphics released the capability to export to EnSight format. There is a fee for this capability, known as efd2ensight, and you have to obtain it and license it from Mentor graphics. The instructions below assume you have taken those steps and want to know how to use the capablity you have licensed.

Load your results in FloEFD




Follow the Mentor Graphics Guide Below


Please notice not to go to but rather for more information about EnSight.

The FloEFD Model

As an example this is the model before exporting to EnSight.




The EnSight view of the FloEFD Model

The same model after exporting to EnSight. Notice this is EnSight 9 and not EnSight 10. But the export steps are the same.



We hope you enjoy EnSight and FloEFD together. Contact EnSight Support at if you have detailed questions about using EnSight.



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