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EnVideo – Cross-Platform Video Player

EnVideo is a simple-to-use, cross-platform, video player.

The native file format is EVO, a cross-platform file format specifically designed by CEI for large image size, including stereoscopic animations. EVO files may include both loss-less and lossy compression algorithms and are generated by EnSight, EnLiten, Reveal and EnVe.


Additionally, EnVideo can display animations stored in other industry standard movie (AVI, EVO, Animated GIF, MPEG, QuickTime, SM) formats, as well as sequences of image files (BMP, JPEG, PNG, PPM, SGI, TIFF, XPM).

Notes: EVO does not support audio.


EnVideo gives you the power to:

  • Sequence multiple video files
  • Output individual frames to print or clipboard
  • Controls for looping, cycling, changing playback speeds and playing in forward or reverse
  • Link animations to external applications such as PowerPoint
  • Support the display of extremely high resolution animations (larger than 2k x 2k)
  • Dynamic pan and zoom for display on low resolution devices
  • Play video content on a full range of computing and display systems, including distributed memory clusters
  • Support for tiled and stereoscopic displays
  • Multi-processor aware for higher performance


EnVideo Gold is a special Virtual Reality (VR) version of EnVideo which adds support for very large displays and CAVE environments in which displays are angled to each other like 4 walls of a room.

EVO files from CEI are not related to (the similarly named) HD DVD EVO files in any way.

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