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EnSight Desktop

EnSight Desktop the On Ramp to the World’s best CFD Post-processing

EnSight Desktop is the entry way to the widest range of FEA and CFD post-processing suite available in the world.  EnSight Desktop can serve you today and tomorrow, and if you ever outgrow its impressive capabilities your skills directly transfer to EnSight Standard, Gold, and DR.

EnSight Desktop user interface doing CFD post-processing of FLOW-3D results.

EnSight Desktop offers the GUI of EnSight and just a few limitations which the beginning user of EnSight can usually easily tolerate.

EnSight Desktop has the same GUI as EnSight Standard, EnSight Gold and EnSight DR, so it benefits from the same full documentation, tutorials, and custom-developed python scripts and tools.  EnSight Desktop can read FEA, CAD, and other data formats.  EnSight Desktop is based on or derived from EnSight rather than based on a blank sheet new design, so they inherit a rich set of features and functionality.  EnSight Desktop is great for students, for for those looking to make a post-processing switch but not yet ready to automate their post-processing with batch python scripts.  We also like the price of EnSight Desktop because it makes it much easier to bring into a new customer site and get the ball rolling.

In the shortest version, EnSight Desktop is EnSight Standard with a few limitations like no support for batch processing and only loading one case at a time.  But EnSight Desktop reads all the same data types as EnSight Standard.

EnSight Desktop is recommended for models in the range from about 2 million 3D cells to less than 50 million cells. Below 2 million cells you can use EnSight Free at no cost. Above 50 million cells you should probably be using EnSight Standard’s client-server functionality or threaded parallel capability, or HPC capability in EnSight Gold known as Server-of-servers (SOS). See this table for a comparison of features.


More Information

EnSight Tutorials is a great way to learn EnSight by watching how things are done.

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