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In May 2012 CEI released EnSight 10.0.2c the version that introduced EnSight Free and EnSight Desktop which replace EnSight CFD Free and EnSight CFD Paid.  Current customers of EnSight CFD can continue to use it but are encouraged to review the new products and plan to transition as their schedule permits.  See this transition guide.
EnSight CFD 3.5 is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
EnSight CFD is easy to learn – watch the video above to see just how easy.
EnSight CFD is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.


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EnSight CFD solves the problem – “I’ve heard that EnSight is the most powerful CFD post-processor in the world,  but how do I get started?


EnSight CFD takes the power of EnSight and provides you with the essential bits you need to visualize and analyze CFD results on your local computer.   If you outgrow it,  you can always move up to EnSight Standard, EnSight Gold, or EnSight DR.  Until then,  this will do the trick.


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