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Comparing Vetter-Sturtevant Shocktube Experiments

The Vetter-Sturtevant shocktube experiments:
- Two gases, air and SF6, initially separated by a membrane inside a tube, are mixed by the passage of a strong shock through the interface between them.
- Used as a test of our continuous adaptive mesh refinement code RAGE.

How can you compare different 3D simulations of these experiments?

Use EnSight and Python to perform a dimensional reduction of the 3D simulation data:
-Use Python script with EnSight to place an integration plane at positions along the tube axis oriented perpendicular to the axis.
- At each position EnSight computes the mix parameter by integration over the plane and returns the result to Python.
- In this way a 1D plot of the mix parameter vs position is generated at each time.
- 3D mix is reduced to a plot of the1D mix parameter vs position that can be compared between simulations over time.
- EnSight is used to integrate the mix parameter along the axis and plot the result over time.
- Animate everything together on the same image to study the quantitative evolution of the shock induced mixing.

Simulation courtesy of F. Grinstein, LANL
1850×988, 12MB

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