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Dynamic Annotations using Text Substitution

Last week some buzz in the Mac user community was around the discovered function of Text Substitution included in Mountain Lion.  With Text Substitution turned on you type something like (c) and it converts automatically to the copyright symbol ©.   I found that intriguing because I sometimes need those odd characters and sometimes I’m typing […]

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EnSight 10.0.2e Release Notes

10.0.2e now available, replaces 10.0.2d EnSight FREE was quitting, without sensible message if Free cell/element limits are exceeded.  This was fixed. Certain MPEG preferences can crash EnSight 10.0.2(c-d) Loading datasets with large part counts can be very slow.  Performance was increased.  One customer model went from over 5 minutes reading data to now only 20 […]

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New FSI Plugin

We now offer the EnSight FSI Plugin, developed by Fraunhofer SCAI.  If you need to map CFD results onto an FEA mesh as input for the FSI simulation, or thermal results onto an FEA mesh as input for a thermal stress simulation you might find the FSI Plugin useful.   Available for EnSight 9 or […]

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Software Support Engineer Job for EnSight

© Computational Engineering International (CEI) is currently considering entry level candidates for the position of Engineering Services and Support Engineer. Functions: * Act as the level 1 technical contact for accounts in the US * Assist CEI support engineers and distributors world wide * Resolve usage based questions via phone and e-mail and investigate software […]

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EnSight 10 on Mountain Lion – Looks Good

We are actively testing Mountain Lion ourselves.  We’ve noticed a few small things, like an issue with EnVideo or EnVE.  But so far nothing major. If you are using EnSight 10 it should be fine.  10.0.2(d) is what we’ve tested here in Marketing.  Displaying EnSight onto our screen using an Apple TV and Airplay was […]

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