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Which Linux version are EnSight users using?

What Linux version should EnSight 10 require? We’re asking our EnSight customers what Linux version they are still using, so we can set the minimum Linux version that will be required to run EnSight 10.1. Changing minimum hardware requirements is always a challenge for software companies.  If you only support the latest hardware then you […]

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FLOW-3D post-processing talk at Madrid Spain User Meeting

Advanced FLOW-3D post-processing will be  Kevin Colburn’s topic at the upcoming European FLOW-3D User Meeting in Madrid, Spain.  His talk will focus on FLOW-3d post-processing using EnSight, looking at the newest and most advanced features such as texture mapping, comparing cases, custom python tools, and scripting for automatic CFD post-processing. For more information about the […]

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Save 70% on the MSC.Software 2013 User Conference

Dear EnSight User, CEI is exhibiting at the MSC Software 2013 Users Conference and we would like you to join us! As a close partner of MSC Software, we are offering a Substantially Reduced Rate*  to our customers. * CEI Customers will pay a fee of only $195, a 70% Savings off the standard conference fee * Use Promo Code: partner195-2013 to take advantage […]

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CFD Post-processing of Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) and Rigid-Body Motion

Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) models simplify the modeling of turbomachinery, allowing you to simulate with a steady-state model what would normally look to require a transient CFD simulation. Those doing CFD post-processing from simulations of fans, pumps, stir tanks, HVAC, and other rotating machinery often want the parts to rotate.  We have developed a specific […]

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