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Export FloEFD Data to EnSight

  In September 2011 Mentor Graphics released the capability to export to EnSight format. There is a fee for this capability, known as efd2ensight, and you have to obtain it and license it from Mentor graphics. The instructions below assume you have taken those steps and want to know how to use the capablity you […]

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Importing and Plotting CSV Files

Importing and Plotting CSV Files Import a query from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) formatted text file EnSight has the ability to read queries from external ASCII text files, but the format of these files are specific to EnSight (see the User Manual, chapter 11.10). Many users have data in standard tabular formatted text files […]

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EnVe Side-by-Side Video Editing

Side-by-Side Animation Example There was a recent request in from a user: I have two models, and I have post processed them the same. I have similar animations from each result. What I’d really like to do, is to paste the animations in a side-by-side mode so that there is a new single combined animation […]

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Flow-3D Ship Stable

Start EnSight 10 Double clicking on the EnSight 10 icon or using the command window. Load Flow-3D Data File > Open will bring up the above Open Dialog. Navigate to where your instructor has placed the ship_stable dataset directory (for example, as shown below). Select the flsgrf.dat file in the list of files. This will […]

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