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Examples of what you can produce with EnSight

Wind Energy and Wind Farm CFD simulation show that Converge is not only for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)

We got some interesting data a little while ago.  It was from CSI, makers of Converge, but it wasn’t of an internal combustion engine (ICE).  We normally associate CSI and Converge with ICE.  Instead it was of a wind farm, you know green energy and windmills.  So we cracked open the data and came up […]

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River Flooding, Tsunami and Groundwater Simulations

We’ve noticed a surge in interest in EnSight for visualizing flooding and other groundwater control simulations. Yes, we do have translation routines for both River-FLO, FLO-2D, MIKE21_FM, and MIKE21_Classic formats. These translation routines to convert these formats into EnSight Case Format, which can then be read into and visualized with EnSight. Summary of the different […]

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Prometheus Engineers Improved Fire

“Communicating the results of CFD analysis is critical to a successful project and our business.  It can be difficult to explain to someone not familiar with CFD what they are looking at.  The ease with which we can change views, compare different cases side-by-side, and create animations in EnSight allows us to provide the necessary […]

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